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Total Impact Value Unlocked


Total AUM among Client Funds


Global Customers


Total AUM among Client Funds



Impact at your fingertips.

Quantifying your contribution to a better world has never been easier, or more powerful.

Advanced analytics that impress your stakeholders

Reconcile Impact with financials. Impact shouldn’t be evaluated in a silo, separate from the funding and revenue that drives it.

Use AI to calculate your contribution to a better world

Enter your top line metrics and let our technology do the rest

Mapped to leading Global and Industry Standards

We align with and build off of the most widely recognized metrics and outcomes, so we're all on the same page

Compare the impact of your solutions to others around the world, for the first time ever

With clients across the globe in every impact vertical, we offer global benchmarking that elevates intelligence for the entire impact economy.

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We believe that meaningful impact measurement should be accessible for every company, every fund, everywhere.


Basic Impact Modeling for simple business models


Billed annually


Impact Modeling for multiple revenue streams and/or geographic locations


Billed annually


Basic Impact Modeling for simple business models


Whether you're building solutions or investing in them, the world can't wait.

Build Brand Integrity

Buyers are savvier than ever. Elevate your impact story with evidence based insights.

Raise Impact Capital

Whether your speaking to angels, funds or LPs, be accountable for your impact or ESG claims.

Drive Revenue

Demonstrate that you can improve outcomes and unlock value for your customers and partners

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